Impact of Social Media on Social Society!

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This is my first ever blog,I will always welcome YOUR suggestions.

so,not vesting your time I’ll come to topic.

very first I wanna tell you that I don’t like very lengthy blogs.I like small and cute blogs which don’t vest time of both of us.

obviously,Social networking is very much famous in our global world.This was very powerful weapon and best substitute of conventional media.

but everything has two faces.and second face is revealing.and it’s Major flaws are in front of us.I wanna throw some light on following,

1. Famous&well known pages are being threats for SOCIETY.Famous pages are spreading his ideology irrespective of people’s mind and opinions.


2.Less popular pages has no impact on social media.


3.ordinary people has Almost No impact on environment of SMedia.


4. Like conventional(spcly paid media) Social media also working in favour of Big Stars,celebrities and politicians.this was Platform for shearing thought&opinion of Public.but Now this right is also gone to celebrities.


5. Government is also using for propagating wrong information by using famous pages on social media hence it is also working aspaid media.

6.Even great thought and important opinion of ordinary people has no importance if he/she has less follower.

this impacting worst on political environment.


7. Even difference between Majority & minorities is increased by this behavior of Social media.


8. less literate people and people not active on social media (mostly grandpa’s generation) has nothing to do with SM.Actually many times they have better knowledge &experience than us.but unluckily they aren’t on social media.


9.Fruit cutter politicians Are also using this is as a weapon against our freedom by using lacks of fake accounts &making the waves and tsunamis of their Name and fame!

acc. to me fake account is a greatest flaw of Social media.


This is very serious issue.and we should discuss this topic with our friends .please think on this and you can also give me your suggestions about this issue. 🙂

(Guys! this is my opinion.I welcome your suggestions and constructive critics )

Thank You!


[In PART 2 I will show you successfully working formula of politicians that how do they use fake accounts ]

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